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Currently, I am alone to make this website and make the videos, so the news is not daily. I am in recruitment to be able to increase the activity of the site but one thing at a time.

I want players to gathers more. That’s the reason I created this website. I do one project at a time, but there will always be a project under development to allow this site to grow.

I am presently on more than 24 web sites including to increase my visibility and the gamers get together.

I add several videos a week. Currently there are more than 500 videos online on All videos on Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe and others are on this website. I would like to have more than 10,000 videos in a few years.

The immersion

I want for the gamer community, a place where immersion is endless. Where everyone will have their place to participate in this evolution.


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Creator of Unioxe

I started playing video games in 1998 and I never stopped. It’s a big passion for me and I want to show it to you. I have always wanted to create something in gaming industry, that’s why I opened Unioxe in year 2013 and TheJacel in year 2018. My primary objective is to make a place where players will come together to show their passions. In the future, my objective is to make my own video game, but I do not start it until 2020-2022. This is the beginning of a great adventure!

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